Sunday, December 18, 2011

just breathe. :) :)

Christmas break=happiness.
Happiness=welcomed with open arms.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that this semester is over. I had a bad case of the "un-motivation" (yes, this is a word). The curse had secretly crept into my life & let's just say I hated it. But luckily that time is quickly passing (maybe that's because it's Christmas break now ;) ).

{This semester has definitely had some good times though. Let's push rewind and take a look...}

For the second weekend of September, we packed up our bags (filled with salty snacks, water, sponges, ipods, running clothes, sharpies, etc.) and headed down to Southern Utah.
We ran in the RED ROCK RELAY & loved it. It was my first official race and we had a great team.
The race is 186 miles total. We ran in snow/rain, freezing cold temperatures, extreme heat, through the night, on 2 hours of sleep, up hills, down hills, and everything in between. & it was all worth it :)

Taken after we went to Lion King 3D {love it! <3} 
Lissy's face is priceless :)
Utah CREAMED byu 53-10.
Doesn't get much better than that.

One of my best friends of all time Sam Sammy hit man left on his mission to Wisconsin in September.
I miss this kid more than he will ever know.
But I can't tell you how much I LOVE getting his emails and the sad {missing him} is quickly  replaced by the happy {hearing from him, seeing pictures, and knowing he's out serving the Lord & the people of Wisconsin}.

I went up to Logan on more than one occasion. Being up there with Shay, Joss, and everyone else is just a recipe for a freakin' fabulous time...obviously ;)

For the first time in about a year, myself, nae, and dee dee were finally reunited.
These two are two of the best people I know. They inspire me to be better so I thank them for that.
I have been blessed with amazing friends.

Me, Liss, Jo, Alex, and Kip went to the Sunday morning session of General Conference.
It was fabulous.

One day, Jo & I came home from school & were freeeezing.
We made chili {well...heated up a can of chili}, put on Christmas music {even though Thanksgiving hadn't come yet}, & had our "fire" blazing.

So, in August I got a call from the ever-so-lovely miss Kimberly Newman. She told me that we needed to sign up for the zombie 5K we did. We had to wait until October 15th to run but it came soon enough.
We went to DI & found our zombie dresses...well, soon-to-be zombie dresses.
after: {creeps...dang, we pull off the zombie look ;)}

I drove up to Logan {once again} for the a volleyball game & for the Howl.
Liz & Shay were too kind to let me be a part of their Seaseme Street theme.
That dance was quite interesting to say the least ;) ha!

Homemade pumpkin seeds with Jo :)

Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 1? Okay :)
Picture with Jacob & Edward lookalikes? Okay :)

Vegas trip for the WAC tourney to watch Shay...
B, Kace, me, & Shay stayed behind for a little cousin/sibling partying.
{darn you beverly}

Thanksgiving these girls <3

We took Aunt Jo & Grandma to The Forgotten Carols to get into the Christmas Spirit. just needs to snow.

Allie {hoofd} left on her mission 12/14/11. She's off to serve the people of Northern Cali. Before she left she gave me an early Christmas present...and I couldn't have asked for anything better :) Justin Bieber ring??? YES PLEASE!
She's gonna be fabulous.

Life is good. Count your blessing {even if they seem to be in hiding} & keep smiling :)