Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spokane, Washington USA

Spokane, WA - Our new home away from home

The time crept up on us & it was already time to move from our first place in Orem up to Spokane for JD to start law school. The packing wasn't fun by any means & I wondered how people move out of actual houses and still stay sane and not kill everyone around them. While JD's idea of just throwing things in boxes works for him, it would've given me serious anxiety problems as anyone who knows me knows, so we organized it all up and got it ready to pack into our Penske. We had such great help from family & friends during the whole process.

Some tears were shed with our "see you later"s, but knowing we really aren't that far away helped us all get through it. Liss and I had a hard moment when we were sitting on my bed and she looked up & said, "This is the last time I'm going to see you before you leave," & instantly rivers were coming out of both our eyes as we laugh/cried at how that moment even played out.

I had to say goodbye to my dearest Darth early the morning we left too, & I choked up a bit knowing that guy has been my go-to & best mate for 6 years now. With his AC deciding to stop working and it costing $1000 to fix I knew it was our time to part, as hard as it was. I had no choice, and anyone who's witnessed our relationship would understand how difficult this was for me. He touched so many lives & brought so many memories to everyone he came in contact with. He will stay in my heart forever.

 Poor puppies were so sad to leave each other. Leia's face kills me. 
Please notice JD's legs on the right of the picture. Not eating or drinking anything & then moving heavy things, like a piano, are not a good combo. He passed out trying to get it up...but luckily everyone survived.

 A little gross yes...
 Saying more see you laters ;(
We were SO grateful they came up to help us get situated.

Well, Spokane we're ready for you! Excited for this awesome opportunity. Pics of our new place coming soon.


The Spokanites (who are really just oakleyites on vacation for awhile)

Cameras & family members

Family pics

"Good luck with that" is usually what comes to mind when we attempt to take good family photos of all of us. At least we have a good time during it all (even Brett has fun even though he would never admit it out loud). 

I love these crazy people more than they will ever know.

(photo cred: miss Kayla Rydalch)

Pack to the Backing

Backpacking is tiring and fun. It's one of those activities where I am complaining in my head with most every step I take, but loving it enough to keep my mouth shut and enjoying the beauty-full world. We took a cousin trip before school started and had a blast. How lucky am I to have such amazing cousins and siblings as friends?