Friday, May 22, 2015

One Year Down

We survived the first year. Hallelujah.

JD took his last final of his first year of law school. I can't believe it's already over, but there were times that it felt never ending (I wasn't even the one spending countless hours at the library & school. It definitely felt never ending for the actual law students). And honestly, I could not be more proud of how hard JD worked. I considered myself a pretty studious person while I was in school...but not even my hardest of semesters compared to the amount of time spent on homework, readings, and papers that he had to do. Let's just say, I'm glad it was him and not me. There were definitely times that sucked (never seeing my man, or grocery shopping...I'm not the biggest fan ha) but there were times that were great too (when I actually got to see my man...or spending some solo time running the Spokane River, going to Coeur D'Alene, spending time with the pup, etc.). 

The first year came to a close and we needed to celebrate. So we headed to Seattle, obviously. We love going and staying in the condo there and the feeling of getting away (even if it's only a few hours away). It felt SO good to spend quality time together. We ate our way through the city and loved every second of it. The weather was perfect for us and the company was even better. 

"Doggie Bar"

 This picture perfectly captures our daily life trying to train and walk this dog....
Peaches and strawberries from Pikes that were to DIE FOR
 Serious Pie
 Oh so good fish n chips.

JD packed his bags once we got back to Spokane to head home to Utah for his summer internship. I'm finishing up my job up here until June 12th then we will officially be reunited. Five weeks is too long to spend apart. Glad I get to keep the puppy with me to keep me company. 

Seattle, until next time. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Everyone deserves to be Peter Pan once in awhile...

Disney. Just that single, simple word probably makes your mind start churning happy thoughts. If you're anything like my family, if this word gets brought up you just can't help but start talking about how obsessed you are. Disney does life right. Whether you're at the parks or on their ships: cleanliness, food, quality, music, rides and of course the characters (that, even as an adult, you're tempted to wait in the lines for a picture with them); or in the comfort of your own home: constant happiness brought through music and movies. 

We anxiously waited for our Christmas present to become a reality, packed our bags, and started our journey to Florida for an unforgettable adventure. We (me especially, obviously) missed JD more than words could say, but he'll be ready for the next go-round. He's not going to have a choice next time. 

Utah is such a little charmer. Being away from these mountains makes me love them that much more.
Side note: Glad my bag made it from Spokane to SLC. Ran late to the airport that morning (don't act surprised) and was told my bag might not make it on the plane. Laughed hard when they told me that (and then continued to laugh to myself on the plane) since I was going through security & hopping on another plane as soon as I was suppose to get my bag off the belt in SLC after that flight. I waited for the moment of truth of whether or not I would be borrowing Liss, Mom, and Shalese's clothes for the trip, but Spokane airport came through big time. Loved seeing this bag drop first. I feel like I owe them something, and I also learned my lesson...until next time ha


Morning run done right in the Florida sunshine.

You've cat to be kitten me right meow.
Let the 75th Constantly Convincing Ourselves We're Hungry Games begin....
Mom loving the Indiana Jones production. Shalese looks like she's enjoying it too.
Coke, coke, the magical drink, the more you sip, the more you smile.
No, that doesn't rhyme.
(Shalese disagrees and I commend her for her no soda efforts. I've tried & failed & have embraced it. I think everyone in my family is on the same boat.)
That burn in the throat after a big sip of diet coke is just too good to give up.
seester love.

"Cam, make a peace no no, only two fingers go up."
This dude is the chillest mon!

Talkin' to my booooo.

A wise young Hawaiian girl once said, "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten..."
We obviously need to take this more to heart. Sorry J.

No words. What I strive for right there.

Epcot has become my favorite park in Disney World for a few reasons:
1. I love learning about different places.
2. You get to eat a lot of delicious food from all over the world.
3. The workers in each "Country" are all originally from those countries which makes it that much cooler.
4. They now have Norway because of Frozen and I got to buy some Norwegian treats for JD & talk to people from Norway. 
5. Did I mention the food? Oh ya, I did. 
Someday this will be me. Until then, I will embrace only having to wear sunglasses.
Dad loves food. Especially sweets. As in, he spent about $40 on caramel and chocolate goodies in "Germany" and wanted to go back for more. To die for.

Candid model s.t.a.t.u.s. for both of these babes.
Movie under the stars...with ice cream.

Cam & my dad know pretty much anything and everything if it pertains to the Disney cruise line. You could say Cam is obsessed, and I'm glad he is. He can easily tell anyone who asks how many rooms there are, how many people fit in the life boats, how many workers there are, how much the boat weighs, how long it took to build the boat and where it was get the idea. I could keep going here, but for times sake I'm going to stop. 

--Cam loves the water. He'll go out with B or Dad and just laugh the entire time he is out there (while keeping his eyes constantly closed & continually wiping his face from getting smacked by the waves). You'll notice in these next few pictures how him and Dad got put in their place wave after wave (wave after wave, slowly drifting drifting away)...and you'll notice B and I start to panic wondering if they were going to make it up alive haha Cam is no small child anymore. He is a grown man. A grown man that the waves like a little too much. And after it all, he was ready & deserved to take a nice break up on the sand.

What a babe.
^^^ Insert a cut out picture of JD under raised arm.

Jake. So smooth.

You guys, my favorite dessert. Date pudding cake. Sounds disgusting. Tastes like heaven.

Running the Disney 5K-Bangs parted right down the middle just like I it.
Are you kidding me? ^^ This is real? God is brilliant to create unbelievable water like this.
Neck ache anyone? Coming right up.

 Our amazing server Yekta from Turkey. He didn't even ask, but would cut up Cam's food every night. Best server award.  
 "Ring, ring.
Who is it?
I've been expecting your call."

(Or, if your name starts with a B and ends with a rett you interpret "Dessert Night" into, "I'll take two tacos, a baked potato, and chocolate cake."
Cruising done right.
 "I am a wilderness explorer. Ka-kaw. Ka-kaw."

DOWNTOWN DISNEY kill time before our flight. 
Okay, let's devour 4,000 calories while we mourn the end & celebrate the last week we just thoroughly enjoyed.
No, he in fact does not work for Disney Cruise Line although he gives off the appearance of such. Disney Cruise Line lovers through and through.

I'm missing falling asleep to any Disney movie I could possibly imagine every night, watching them every morning while getting ready for the day, and turning them on when we are in our room even if it's for only twenty minutes. Took me back to our VHS days that were as glorious as ever. 

Thanks family for being so incredibly rad. Thanks Florida for existing. Thanks Walt for not giving up on your dream. And thanks Walt's wife for telling him that Mortimer was a horrible name & that the mouse should be named Mickey. 

Until next time.