Friday, May 22, 2015

One Year Down

We survived the first year. Hallelujah.

JD took his last final of his first year of law school. I can't believe it's already over, but there were times that it felt never ending (I wasn't even the one spending countless hours at the library & school. It definitely felt never ending for the actual law students). And honestly, I could not be more proud of how hard JD worked. I considered myself a pretty studious person while I was in school...but not even my hardest of semesters compared to the amount of time spent on homework, readings, and papers that he had to do. Let's just say, I'm glad it was him and not me. There were definitely times that sucked (never seeing my man, or grocery shopping...I'm not the biggest fan ha) but there were times that were great too (when I actually got to see my man...or spending some solo time running the Spokane River, going to Coeur D'Alene, spending time with the pup, etc.). 

The first year came to a close and we needed to celebrate. So we headed to Seattle, obviously. We love going and staying in the condo there and the feeling of getting away (even if it's only a few hours away). It felt SO good to spend quality time together. We ate our way through the city and loved every second of it. The weather was perfect for us and the company was even better. 

"Doggie Bar"

 This picture perfectly captures our daily life trying to train and walk this dog....
Peaches and strawberries from Pikes that were to DIE FOR
 Serious Pie
 Oh so good fish n chips.

JD packed his bags once we got back to Spokane to head home to Utah for his summer internship. I'm finishing up my job up here until June 12th then we will officially be reunited. Five weeks is too long to spend apart. Glad I get to keep the puppy with me to keep me company. 

Seattle, until next time. 

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