Monday, December 1, 2014

Spokane & I give thanks


I have the coolest family. It is what it is. Meliss, Shay, Shannon, and Mikaela hopped in their car and drove all the way up to Spokane, in bad weather :/, just to spend the long weekend with JD, Char & I since we were staying up here for the holiday. 

Took them around the city, showed them the 509, went black friday shopping, ate delicious food, watched Christmas movies, and experienced what it would be like if a family of 6 lived in our one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. 

Cooking was a whole other story too. Our kitchen is pint sized and trying to cook our first thanksgiving meal with very little counter space and one oven was an interesting & fun adventure. That was, until I almost cut my finger off. But everything came together, Hoopes, Michelle & Finn came over, and the eating began.

After they left, Char was depressed for a couple of days & just moped around and wouldn't really play with JD or I. She had way too much fun with our visitors and wished they could just stay all the time. 


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