Monday, April 4, 2011

yes please.

Love these two cuties

Friends, good food, and good music can be an excellent combo. So, me, Katie, Dave, and two of their friends went to Guru's for dinner and Allred was playing so that was an added bonus. 

If you haven't heard of Allred, click play & listen up:

This past week I also went on a date to Texas Roadhouse for the first time EVER! Soooo good :)
You all need to go & get the New York Steak, mashed potatoes, cooked veggies, and rolls.

The weekend finally came & it wasn't just any weekend. It was General Conference weekend.
I love Conference weekend. I go home, spend time with the fam, & get to hear some amazing messages from amazing men & women. 

Read on my good friends:

I love these men.
Our family has a tradition that for every General Conference weekend my dad brings home See's chocolates and we stuff our faces with them while we listen to the talks. 
Let's just say that I enjoy that :)

Late Saturday afternoon, I headed home & went cross country skiing with my mom and daddio.
It was the first time I'd done it in years!
We went up Smith Moorehouse (just up the canyon from my house), & it was gorgeous. So much fun to spend time with my parents.

like mother like daughter

I love Oakley because I get to drive ~10 minutes and get to find places like THIS to cross country ski during the winter, camp during the summer, and boat. What else do I need?? (well, a beach would be nice).

A great week filled with great people & great fun. Yes please.

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