Monday, May 23, 2011

drivin' down the 101...

It was Californ-i-a or bust for me, Shay, and Josselyn. What's the best way to start a summer vacation or to celebrate the end of another school year? A road trip with your girls...that's how.

We hit the open road & couldn't wait 'til we hit the west coast.

LA bound for the night

Newport Beach before we headed down to the beautiful San Diego

had I died & gone to heaven? It felt like it

Drivin' down the 101

LA the first night (shopping, dinner, getting stressed trying to drive & navigate)

Disneyland Tuesday (the happiness place on earth can still hold onto its beloved title. We hit all the rides we wanted {you know, tower of terror, screamin, soarin over california, thunder mountain--where joss lost her phone but luckily when we went back after waiting in a different line we found it--pirates of the caribbean <3, Indiana Jones, and the list could go on & on. We were able to watch the fantastic World of Colors show after the parks had closed too...if you are ever there & considering watching it, I highly recommend it. It was so great {& I could barely see it..that's how much I liked it. Get there early to get good seats. Lesson learned & now I share that wisdom with all of you})

Wednesday we were San Diego bound. We stopped by Newport Beach before we started the trek then took Highway 1 until we hit 101. Yes, it took us longer, but it was definitely worth it. The little shops & vibe it gave was great. And we were able to sing our theme song & have it actually apply to us.

San Diego Thursday & Friday which meant beach day for both days. We shopped at surf shops in the morning, then once it warmed up  got out to the beach and body surfed, ate our official treat {ice cream cones}, got our tan on, & loved every second. We only got lost a couple times thanks to Shay's driving, my navigation skills, and Joss's lookout. We hit Coronado Island before we headed home and loved how small town, chill it was. From the shops, art stores, cafes, and beach, they had it all.

We stopped by Vegas on the way home, sat out by the pool Saturday morning {a great way to start off Joss's birthday} & could tell that we were just getting fried (for Shay & I we were getting 'more' fried. For Joss, she just turned black...darn you!

Then it was homeward bound {we weren't sure we wanted to come home yet}. We survived the road trip by beating off any creeps, eating delicious food, singing obnoxiously loud, taking pics, occasionally getting on each others nerves {mainly while trying to find a destination or road hahaha}, having sorry parties, and loving being together. It was fabulous and wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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