Tuesday, July 15, 2014

God Bless America


I feel blessed beyond words to have grown up in Oakley, Ut for countless reasons. But one of my most favorite reasons is that I was able to go, year after year, celebrating our country with respect, but also with style.

The FOURTH OF JULY is tied for my most favorite holiday (along with Christmas). Obviously the BBQs full of delicious summer foods, rodeos, parades, and games make this holiday amazing every year, but also because we like to take the time to remember and think about the blessings we have that come from living in this country. Yes, there are always things going on with government that we either agree with or disagree with, but while we are all complaining and arguing, when you really think about it, we live in a pretty incredible country. Anyone who has travelled to countries where safety or freedom of religion, speech, etc. aren't considered important can probably attest even more to this. 

We were able to go to the Oakley Patriotic Program after the parade to support my mom (who was the pianist for the choir) and the others who were participating in it. It was the first one I didn't participate in for the past three years, but it was by far my favorite. Not only was there such a sense of patriotism, but there was a sense of community that seemed unbreakable. We listened to songs about freedom, about what people have gone through before us to make our country what it is, having patriotism, growing up in small towns, and got to watch the most humbling and touching military video about those who are serving our country. How they give up their lives to better ours and others I will never understand, but I am grateful. Grateful for not only those who serve, but the families of those men and women as well, who sacrifice so much.

God truly has blessed America.

Thanks Oakley for making the Fourth amazing once again.

Since Bandit Cam in the man, he got to be part of the Special Needs Rodeo. He rode a mechanical bull, did barrel racing on dad's back (wish I had videoed that ;)), rode a horse, & got to ride in during the opening of the first night of the rodeo. He loved every second of it.
Now that's a good lookin' 4th of July mustache...work it baby, work it.


Rodeo with the fam is the best kind of rodeo.
 'atta boy JD, 'atta boy. Also, photobombed by the little girl on the left. Nice.

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