Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunburns & Sunshine


Shay & I took our annual girls trip this summer and headed down south to some warm weather. We were planning on camping in Zion's National Park but obviously didn't think about the fact that it was memorial day weekend & COMPLETELY packed, so we kept driving to St. George and stayed at grandma & grandpa Rydalch's place. Which turned out great. Much nicer and more comfortable and not 100 degrees. The AC was a real blessing that our tent could not have delivered.

We drove back to Zions for the day and hiked Angels Landing for our second time together. It was INSANELY packed & probably much more dangerous than it normally would be because of the huge crowds. It was a lot of stopping and going when we got to the chain, single line part of the hike. BUT we made it. 

My stupid stomach does what it normally does and started to feel upset as soon as we started back down the cliff of a mountain (of course...when we couldn't be any farther from a restroom) and let's just say it was not a pleasant walk (not too fast, not too slow) down the mountain. Use your imagination. It was horrible. The people right in front of us probably thought I was completely out of shape because of my loud breathing but that was the only thing I could think of and focus on without losing my cool. Poor Shay was trying to help me and talk to me and I couldn't even focus on talking. I felt like I was five. We finally got back to the bottom and as soon as I saw a bathroom in sight my pace quickly quickened, but to only find that NONE of the restrooms had toilet paper in them. A nightmare in and of itself. But there was the sweetest old woman who could see the crazy frantic in my eyes who kindly reached into her backpack and said, "I never go backpacking or hiking without a roll." LIFESAVER. She saved my life...

St. George was good to us too. Besides the sunburns of course. But let's be honest, that was because of our own stupidity. Who on earth thinks that laying out by the pool for three hours after nine months of your skin seeing NO REAL SUN  is a good idea?? Obviously we did, but we quickly and immediately regretted it...when you can't sleep at all and get tears in your eyes when anything or anyone touches your skin, you know you have a real problem. We were both still peeling huge chunks of skin after two weeks of coming home (gross, I know). And you'd think with having skin cancer in the genetics we'd be a lot smarter & put that sunscreen on........we always say we will NEVER let it happen again year after year after year right after when we are screaming in pain, but what happens when the warmth starts to come and we crave the sunshine after a long winter? We do it again. Let's hope next year doesn't have the same problem thrown into it. 

I did learn how to eat sunflower seeds though, & actually enjoyed it. First time. Shay brought them and was able to throw multiple seeds at a time. Mind blown. I always thought it was such a waste of work because you hardly get anything in return. A tiny little seed after complete concentration? I'd rather eat a donut. It takes no concentration & the taste is divine. But it happened. I liked them, and I get the addiction. Thank you Shay. 

Sad to think this might have been our last girls trip for awhile with JD & I moving to Spokane in a month, but it was so much fun, as always. Love this BFF of mine and can't wait for her to come up and visit once we move.


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