Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thunder & Lightning & Bears, oh my


As a Sorensen girl, you have no choice but to love camping and being outdoors. That's just the way it is. Luckily, Shalese fits right in with that (although she couldn't make it to our camp. I guess working and Lagoon with her husband is more important ;)), but momma, liss, and I packed up the car and headed up Mirror Lake Highway to our beloved Moosehorn. We had heard it might rain, but we made a decision that we were going to stick it out no matter what happened...well, let's just say, it not only rained, it poured.

Torrential downpour is a good way to describe the 45 minutes to an hour following the setting up of the tent and rushing our bedding into it. We took my and JD's new tent that had never been used and had absolutely no idea how it was going to hold up in this. I'm sure most people's reactions would be to run for cover rather than grabbing metal objects and standing in puddles, but that's exactly what my mom did. We had dug a trench around our tent that might have helped if it had drizzled, but this was no drizzle. Mom was determined to make not only a good trench but holes around the tent where the water could fill (which it did quickly) rather than getting under the tent (which it did). The thunder and lightning was great and honestly, this was our favorite part of the weekend.

 Taken right when the rain was starting to fall...we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

 Lissy's dam......."I don't know why my dam isn't working!"
Sending our boat into our lake surrounding our fire pit.
Our means of trying to drain the lake from around our tent - frisbees.
 Our best looks.

We survived the storm, slept on a water bed, and woke up ready for the next day. Mom has had on her bucket list to hike Bald Mountain to the top for awhile now and was finally able to cross it off. We ate breakfast and headed over there early and it was beautiful. Lissy's knees were being jerks and made it so she couldn't make it to the top, but she was nice enough to let us finish up, and was lucky enough to hear us scream her name all the way down the mountain. 

Mom made us collect wood so she could be the natural born pyro she is.
Our visitors on Saturday night.

What it boils down to is that we had such a fun weekend. Girls time being outdoors is one of the best. Become one with nature one & all, I beg of you. It will be refreshing and rejuvenating...trust me. 

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