Monday, September 15, 2014

Sleepfull in Seattle


Katie & Dave have been on a serious road trip up the west coast the past couple of weeks. Luckily, JD & I were able to drive over to Seattle to meet up with them since we hardly see each other anymore with us living in Spokane and them having been in Cali for the end of the summer.

We love ourselves some Seattle and catching up with amazing friends and ice cream (you guys, we're on vacation). It was a great getaway weekend, even if JD had to study all the way there & all the way back. Law school means business...

*gracias for the pic Dave
We had 17 minutes before Husky's closed on Saturday night. We were a mile and a half away without a vehicle and full from a delicious dinner at the Copper Coin. And although we were full, our minds told us we needed shakes & ice cream. We walked/ran and walked in just as they were closing the doors. Barely made it. Needless to say, my stomach absolutely hated me from running after eating (who else needs an average of 5 hours before they can do any physical exercise after eating???) but it was hilarious & completely worth it.

We love you guys, Katie & Dave. Granted, I loved Katie first so she technically is mine...just sayin'.


the girl who doesn't struggle with sleeping, even in Seattle 
(although that movie is incredible)

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