Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Current Obsessions

Currently obsessing over...

>>My ridiculously handsome & charming husband. I'm pretty sure that goes without saying...

>>Fall (duh, I'm a woman & what woman isn't obsessed with this gorgeous, sweater and scarf wearing time of year?). Although I must be honest. I am slightly more than depressed that I'm missing fall in Utah. It's just not the same here. There are no mountains covered in red, yellow, and green and no Sunday fall canyon drives :(. We did have pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for dinner the other night that were pretty tasty. But still. No Utah.

>>Sour patch kids. If my dentist knew the amount of those sour & sweet treats I've been consuming lately ("oh let's buy some halloween candy for halloween." which translates to, "I want an excuse to buy these and not feel guilty even though halloween is still more than a month away.") he would rip all my teeth out as payment saying, "It's going to happen anyways with how delinquent you've been acting lately." 
But they taste so good. And the small halloween sized bags make you feel less like you're ruining yourself (even though I end up eating more because, "they're just so small, I'll just have one more.")

>>When this pup is calm enough to cuddle, even if she's at the end of the bed. It's a nice break from whenever we go outside & she turns into the hulk trying to destroy anything and anyone in her path by jumping on them. She's beginning to turn people away rather than attracting people in with her adorableness like she use to. I think her new hair-do is partly to blame for that....

<<Also, these INCREDIBLY comfortable $20 boyfriend jeans from the beloved Target. 

>>TSwift's new single Shake it Off & Beyonce's Love on Top. They help me not die from suffocating while driving...(I accidentally spilled milk in the car & the smell WILL NOT GO AWAY! It is absolutely horrible. There is nothing worse than spilled milk....nothing....It has been over a week now too. I obviously need to deep clean it hahah).

>>Eating dinner with JD. Favorite time of the day. 

>>Reading general conference talks and thinking about how close the next general conference is. My mom even brought up some See's nuts & chews (a Sorensen family tradition) to open and enjoy during conference weekend. They had to be put out of sight so we wouldn't open them and eat them before. Out of sight, slightly more out of mind. 

>>Exercising. Not like a crazy person or anything, but I am 99% always happier the days I work out compared to the days I don't (that 1% is when my stomach decides to go nuts and hurts the rest of the day after running). JD can tell you just how true this is.

>>Thinking about the cruise my family is going on the end of January. I know it's a ways out, but it's Disney and Disney is amazing and worth 24/7 thinking time. (Still greatly disappointed JD can't come but am grateful he's taking school so seriously.)


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