Monday, September 22, 2014

We are fa-mily (you sang that, didn't you?)

Visitors = happiness

There's one fact that I can and will always stand by: My family is the coolest, funniest, craziest bunch of lovelies. 

I'm sure most everyone feels that way about their own families, as you should, but I'll stick with my famdamily and the bias I hold with them. 

Grandpa Bob, Grandma Jeanne, Cam-man, & Momma Shell hopped in the car for a west coast road trip. And we could not have been happier about it. We had such a great weekend and were obviously sad for it to end. We ate good food, the boys got some football in, the girls got some shopping in (duh), we garden walked, and we all laughed more than the normal daily recommended dosage amount (which is something I suggest everyone does asap).

The entire time they were here I couldn't shake the overwhelming sense of gratitude to have been born into the incredibly supportive, loving, and fun family I did. Life is never boring with the folks I call familia and every one of them is more than A-OK...which is really saying something. Charly loved having visitors & was literally depressed as they were packing and after they left. I could tell she just kept thinking to herself, "Who am I going to torment now that Cameron is gone?!?!" She did not happily let them go, & neither did I (which became clear as JD put his arm around me as they began to drive away and all I could do when I got into the apartment was clean to keep my mind busy on something else). 

Families are forever. No doubt in my mind. Eternity & beyond and I couldn't be happier about it.  

Twigs for dinner

 mom found her own personal wine...

Manito Park

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