Friday, October 17, 2014

Falling for fall

Change. Change is good. Fall is good too.

I am a firm believer in taking advantage of every season & every holiday. I love change (ask JD. One of my most famously overused lines is, "I just want to change it up a bit.") so when a new season begins to show itself I quickly, maybe too quickly, jump in. Like wearing scarves even though it's still 80 degrees, just because it's September and to me September screams fall (although the weather would say otherwise). 

 We took to the outdoors to enjoy fall so far and it hasn't disappointed. 

Liberty Lake with Char & Greenfields with Hoopes and Michelle (and ADORABLE baby Finn).

Keep your eye on the prize Char...eye on the prize.
(look closely)
They're so patient when I want to take pictures. 
 The most to-die-for pumpkin donuts. I waited in a 40 minute line for this bag of mouthwatering deliciousness and it was worth every minute (although while waiting I was starting to doubt. As soon as that sugary pumpkin goodness hit my tongue though the heat and the wait left my mind & I didn't care at all).

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