Monday, November 3, 2014

If there's one thing I love more than giving surprises...

It's the reaction of the person being surprised that's the real treat. JD & I have been in Spokane since August, which was horrible timing as far as Lissy's senior year of volleyball. We weren't able to go to any of her games, but luckily mom would always send updates and videos of her playing throughout the season. 

I didn't want that to happen with the state tourney though. I wanted to be there to watch her play, so the planning went into order. I was able to get work off & the day I found out I could go, I told Liss that there was no way I could and that I was super bummed about it. I then proceeded to get online to look for flights. 

The whole family knew except for her. Dad almost let it slip a couple of times...the best one was the day before I was flying in. He was the thoughtful dad he always is and bought liss, mom, and me flowers, brought them home, then told Liss that these were for his three girls. Liss was like, "Wait? Kelsey is coming?!" Dad quickly started backpedaling and said, "No, they are for her when she comes for the cruise." "In January???" Liss was confused but dad forgot to get Cam a candy bar like he was planning on so she just thought he was having a brain fart and didn't think about it again hahahaha. Nice save papa.

I woke up early, had JD drive me to the airport & was on my way back to the beautiful state where life is elevated. Dad picked me up with a beautiful bouquet, stopped by Rydalch to say hi to aunt Jo, then headed to Chev in Kamas to grab their famous donuts and hot chocolate. A good homecoming if you ask me. This was just the beginning of stuffing my face with all the delicious foods I've been craving since I've moved. Spokane just doesn't compare to Utah when it comes to dining out.

We pulled up and Liss was home. So I waited around the corner and had Cam call her into the room. I just stood there as she walked around the corner and said, "Hey." 

We both teared up and hugged for a long time. "What are you doing here???? I had no idea!!" It was the best reaction I could have asked for. I usually suck at keeping surprises surprises but this time it came together perfectly. 

Being home with family was, as it always is, time well spent. Just what the dr. ordered. Liss played so hard in the tourney and even though it didn't end as she would have hoped, she has so much to be proud of. I was freaking out just seeing the improvement since last year that she's made. Can't believe she is a senior. She's grown up so much & it is so much fun to see what an amazing woman she's turning into. Love you sees <3 

see you later UT.

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