Sunday, March 20, 2011

early birds & green crepes

The beginning of last week did not go as I had planned or even wanted. My mom was on the high school choir trip in Cali and ended up having to go & stay in the hospital there :( Her feet and legs had swelled up like balloons (gross) and she was finally convinced to go get them checked out. They did a bunch of tests to see what the deal was but they couldn't figure it out (thank goodness Craig was able to stay back and keep her company). We didn't know how serious it was or what the heck was going you can imagine how well I was able to pay attention in class on Monday and Tuesday...I didn' all (haha). I skipped both my classes on Tuesday because my daddio called and asked if I'd come play "substitute mom" while he flew out to Cali. Luckily, my spring break started on Wednesday so I didn't miss much school, and I definitely didn't picture myself waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning to help the "kids" (Liss & Cam) get ready for school, but I am really glad I was in a position to help in the best way I could though. We had a good time too :)

A few things we did:
--Liss & I woke up at 5:10 one morning and went running. It was a little dark (since that's usually when normal people are still in bed, curled up in their blankets, dreaming of beaches and nice weather, while sipping pina coladas), but we are thinkers & solved the darkness problem quickly...we snagged one of papa Al's head lamps, bundled up, and headed down to the river and back. It felt so good and was fun to be able to run with her. My dad, me, and her all share a beautiful long stride when we run. Must be genetic :) Thanks dad!
--Had fabulous aunts who brought us dinner one night (pizza, salad, drinks, cheesy bread, dessert... mmm.mmm.good) & listened to the Bieber while eating :)
--Had a movie night & played Uno (Cam won every time but once...that shouldn't surprise anyone who knows  him)
--Made green crepes for St. Patty's day (even though it was a couple days later we felt like it was better late than never right?

If you're asking if she is always this cute, then the answer is yes...

matching vans...they remind us of summer, which can't come soon enough
& don't worry, C-Man is sitting in the car waiting
 for us to take these picture ;)

So, even though we were worried about our madre, we were still able to have a good  time, and thank heaven's she was okay. They drove back and made it home safe & sound :)

Being home & having to take care of the kids made me realize and really appreciate all that my parents do. I was grateful I was able to help out and have that experience because in some situations you don't realize how much someone does and how hard someone works until you are in their shoes, and my parents gave me BIG shoes to fill. They are great at what they do.

This past week also reminded me that we have such an amazing support system that I am so grateful for. People were calling and asking if they could bring us food or asking if there was anything they could do to help out. It was awesome to say the least.

As you can see I was feeling very grateful (& still am), and while I was driving back to Orem to start school back up this week I couldn't help but be super grateful for music. It can have such powerful and great messages or just give you the beat that you need to get your head bobbing (I especially love driving in my car, by myself, with darth blaring the music over his awesome sound system [eh hem, it's really not that good :)] because I tend to sing at the top of my lungs and love the feeling that the music is completely surrounding me). In any stage in your life, no doubt there is a song that can fit right into it, and I love that. I love lyrics, I love music, and I don't think I could survive a day without it. Here's a list of my top 10 songs right now that I love having come onto my Ipizzle (in no particular order. I can never pick ONE favorite. no way jose):

1) Pray - Justin Bieber (especially with what has happened over in Japan, I love listening to this song)
2) Till I Collapse - Eminem [clean] (such a good running song...loooove it <3)
3) What I Wouldn't Do - A Fine Frenzy (just a happy one)
4) A Little Bit Stronger - Leighton Meester (from the movie Country Strong)
5) Rolling In the Deep - Adele
6) Lovelier Than You - B.O.B.
7) Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
8) U Smile - Justin Bieber (I've still got the fever)
9) Winterwinds - Mumford & Sons
10) Come Thou Fount - David Crowder Band & Passion Band

If you don't know some of them I highly suggest going and YouTube-ing them (yes, it is a verb). They're great. If you have any favorite songs right now you should probably pass on the song titles so I can go listen to them :) finding new music is my favorite. Love you all & thanks for the support this past week :) 

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