Thursday, March 10, 2011

neatness all around

Okay, so I have something you need to watch before you go annny's super neat and you better enjoy it :)

So I'm hoping you enjoyed that...and if not, watch it again because you can't watch it twice and not at least crack a smile ("smiling's my favorite!!" says buddy the elf). I was on Facebook (surprise, surprise) a few weeks ago and my friend, Taylor Cusick (a neat fellow), had posted this video to his wall. The first time I watched it I wasn't sure how to react; then I watched it again and BAM! couldn't stop laughing the entire time (hahahahaha). I explained to Taylor that I was crushin' big time on both of these guys, and by the end of our conversation we had decided that the only thing we could do was go on our own neature walk, and with how amazingly gorgeous the weather was today (hallelujah!) we couldn't pass up the opportunity. 
We drove out past Spanish Fork into the "Uinta National Forrest: Land of many uses" looking for a specific trail. Unfortunately, it was no where to be found, but that didn't stop us from enjoying all the neatness nature had to offer. No-siry bob. We pulled off to the side of the road, picked a mountain peak destination, and started hiking, bush wacking, tripping, shaking the earth up a bit, etc. It was such a neat view when we made it to the top too.

Would you look at that!?! NEAT!

Not too often do you get all this neatness in one location. That's called nature.

Well, we started down the mountain and if you're wondering if we got lost, we did not! We knew exactly where we were the entire time...that's what's so neat about nature. You can get lost and trip all you want, but at the end of the day, nature will still be neat

Once we did make it to the car it was dark and getting a little bit chilly. 
The neat news is that we found a sign that was built just for me...

A 'K' for Kelsey??? How neat is that?! That's pretty neat.
We also passed/dodged 31 deer on our way out of the park, so overall it was a very eventful, neat, action packed adventure (thank goodness we were in Taylor's jeep. It's built to handle neat explorations such as this). 
We love nature & all it has to offer.
I hope this has helped you see how neat nature is...cuz it sure is neat

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  1. NEAT! im so excited you started a life just got a little better :)